People often ask us about holding weddings, funerals, thanksgiving services and baptisms at St Jude’s.


We love to welcome people to get married at St Jude’s, and you don’t have to be “religious”. We do our best to make sure that your special day goes as well as possible. Contact the vicar to discuss getting married at St Jude’s, or see for general advice. We firmly believe that it is important to prepare for a lifetime of marriage as well as for your wedding day. We offer marriage preparation courses to engaged couples, and run the Marriage Course from time to time as well. We will consider remarrying people who have been divorced if there is a strong connection to St Jude’s – speak to the Vicar for more information. If you are getting married somewhere else and need your Banns read at St Jude’s, please contact the office.


It is a great privilege to be able to support people who have recently lost a loved one. We regularly do funerals both at the crematorium and at St Jude’s for people with connections to the area or the church. For more information, phone the vicar or the church office, or make contact via a funeral director.

Thanksgiving Services

Jesus loved to welcome little children and bless them, and we love to do the same, whether you are involved with a church or not. If you’d like a service of thanksgiving and blessing for a child in one of our main morning services, please phone the vicar.


Baptism is a way of welcoming people into the church family, and involves making promises to follow Jesus and to come to church regularly. If parents want to make those promises on behalf of their children, we love to baptise those children. Older children and adults who come to trust in Jesus are also baptised to mark the start of their new walk with God.


Vicar: 960 4102

Office: 985 6131